Breast Lift

Breast lift or mastopexy is suitable for women who have adequate breast volume, but the breasts have sagged with time or following pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Before Procedure

At your initial consultation Dr Moko will listen to your goals and take a thorough medical history and examination. She will outline the appropriate surgical technique for you and describe the usual risks and limitations of breast lift surgery.

She will also take photos of your breasts to assist in planning and to record the results of the surgery. You may require a mammogram.


Before starting, Dr Moko will mark lines on your breasts to define a new location for your nipples. You will be placed under general anaesthesia.

Next, incisions will be made to remove skin from the breast to allow Dr Moko to elevate the areola and nipple to a higher position. The breast tissue is shaped and the skin redraped. The resulting scars will be around the areola and may also extend in a vertical scar to the crease under the breast.

To complete the operation, Dr Moko will apply the necessary dressings and bandages to heal the area.

After Procedure

You will experience some discomfort, but this is managed with oral pain relief.

The bandages will be removed the day following surgery. You will wear a surgical support bra and the scars will be taped for 6 weeks.

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