Face Lift / Neck Lift

As we age our facial features undergo gradual changes that can result in a ‘tired, old, depressed’ appearance. This is influenced by genetic and environmental factors, like sun exposure, smoking and stress.

Facelifts address the lower two thirds of the face and neck and are often combined with other procedures such as brow lift or eyelid surgery to optimize the overall result. These results can be enhanced and prolonged with the use of wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers. Dr Moko can tailor which procedures will work for you.

Before Procedure

At your first consultation with Dr Moko, she will listen to what you would like changed about your appearance. She will obtain a thorough medical history and physical examination. She will give you an honest appraisal of what can be achieved, outlining the details of the procedure and the possible risks.

Photos will be taken before and after to record your results.


Facelift surgery can take 2-4 hours under general anaesthetic, or longer when combined with ancillary procedures like brow lift, eyelid surgery, or liposculpture to the neck. Incisions are accurately placed to minimize scars. The deeper supporting structures of the face are tightened and the skin gently redraped to give a natural rejuvenated appearance.

After Procedure

You may be able to go home on the day of surgery or need to stay in overnight. You will have light bandages applied to your face and neck which will be removed on the day after the operation.

You will notice some bruising and swelling which should subside within 10 days. Numbness will be felt on your cheeks and upper neck. This should return to normal over 6-8 weeks.

It is advised that you restrict your usual activities for a few weeks, gradually returning to your normal routine after 6 weeks.

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